Building bridges between leader strategies ... and ... worker enthusiam

Are you spanning "the chasm" between the minds of leadership and talent?

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No vision or mission … or plans for its realization … will be better than the strategically coherent quality of work that's required to achieve it.

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Only through well-designed relationships with highly-capable, satisfied workers can high-quality "thumbs-up work performance" be defined, achieved and sustained.

Role Designer™ enables relational work design™. This enterprise power tool effectively connects organizational strategy to all work in a manner that can lead to better stewarded, and precisely chosen, workers who consistently offer enthusiastic role performance, by design! For example:

• elegantly integrates and balances the business needs of leadership with the capabilities and life needs of well-defined talent to consistently bring about very high levels of strategic productivity
provides an advanced work structure that fully encompasses the 2-sided realities of work roles and the stewardship of relationships within each
• accurately specifies and distributes bilateral accountabilities for optimal functional performance that produces strategic yields
• ensures all talent investments are optimized and strategically coherent for attaining peak workforce R.O.I.
• radically advances work role diagnostics, baseline status quo assessment and innovative work design
• provides a more reliable platform for organizational design, training and development and succession planning
• provides predictive work role and worker relationship analytics throughout all roles within the enterprise
• facilitates targeting and magnetic attraction for more effectively forming and maintaining strong relations with desirable talent
• reveals suboptimal issues, surfaces lurking workforce or supervisory risks and hidden, unnecessary workforce expenses that may be otherwise unseen
• publishes Work Role Blueprints™ as work deployment guidance and specifications to better inform all applicable organizational constituents
• instructs precision strategic recruitment, false positive/false negative selection parameters and on-boarding
• enlightens, directs and regulates powerful Conservation of Attention™ factors throughout the organization
• guides supervisor and organizational talent stewardship to be optimal for all work role relationships
• universally applicable to organizations or institutions of all types, sizes and industries, and to all work, professions, trades and crafts
• allows each work role to have its own discrete design and underlying database for maximum organizational impact
• augments or supplants outdated, limited job description and performance review paradigms
• provides discrete work role knowledge management and continuous improvement for each differing work role
• includes Stochastic Resonance Engine™ to distinguish important "signals" from information or data "noise"
• includes, resides upon, and leverages UWRF®, Work Role Yields Management®, D.R.O.P. frameworks, body of knowledge and organizing principles, as well as FileMaker license.
• utilizes applied sciences and engineering methodologies to enable conditions conducive to better work in better lives
• integrates directly with rpPaQ, a monthly Accountability Feedback Loop™ measuring and illuminating the quality of relationship with each worker, offering both parties equally a means for Rapid Reasonable Remedy™ when applicable, and providing advanced analysis/reporting, along with tailored workforce polling for continuous improvement and innovation
• creates the specification for more accurate candidate vetting and selection via the CHOICE ENGINE™
• compatible with existing work, job, survey, talent management, performance, HRIS and general HR content and documents (and with both PC's or Mac's), including SQL importing and exporting (custom development on request)
• and by doing so, allows the ways and means for "HR" to far more relevant, vital and respected within executive suites and board rooms.

Role Designer has been developed and tested as a mission-critical, proprietary tool for unleashing the power of people, by design™, ushering a new era of organizational competitiveness, risks mitigation, wide-range business advantages, operational efficacy and profitability.

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